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Veterans Helping Veterans

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Impact A Hero

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To make a positive impact in the lives of Veterans, Active Service Members and their Families through advancing leadership and personal development, strengthening community and encouraging esprit de corps.  

Our Vision

to build a strong community of veterans helping veterans

Provide opportunities through professional and servant leadership, financial literacy, and camaraderie to enhance the wellbeing and personal growth for veterans and their families. With collaboration and partnership with other veteran service organizations, Impact A Hero strives to reignite the passion of service to active and military veterans.

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Impact a Hero values collaboration and works closely with other veteran service organizations in the Houston area to accomplish our mission. This strategic action plan communicates our business development and outreach initiatives to interested stakeholders.


Impact a Hero is recognized as a leading provider of personal growth programs in the Houston area, including but not limited to leadership, business fundamentals and financial fitness. Our mission to serve active service members, military veterans and their families is priority, rooted in core organizational values of respect, integrity, honesty, duty, accountability, resourcefulness, loyalty, and commitment.

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