Building Our Community

Leadership and Personal Development Programs

Leadership Academy

The IAH Leadership Academy is a comprehensive and experiential learning professional leadership development program based on individual performance and self-awareness to further individual and team collaboration within highly organizational dynamics.

Business Fundamentals

This program is a hands-on workshop and interactive discussion to understand business fundamentals and terminology, (to include understanding financial statements, marketing and software technology).

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Financial Strategy

Our Financial Strategy program offers an open discussion about our relationship with money and how to become better stewards in managing personal finances for our future selves and family

“Dare to Lead” Workshops

Become a leader in your community with a set curriculum based on the research by Brene Brown designed to provide new knowledge to become courageous leaders defined by the four skillsets of courage: rumbling with vulnerability, living into our values, braving trust, and learning to rise.

Emotional Intelligence

This is a course of proven leadership techniques to help recognize your emotions and those of others, and how to adapt and influence to desired outcomes.

Mind Body Skills

We cover topics in self-care to include the exploration of mind-body skills to lower stress, increase healthy nutrition, enhance exercise, all as a preventive measure to contribute to optimal health.

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